AQUARIUM Cabinetry

The Classic is our most-popular style. It is made of high-quality solid oak and oak plywood. The Classic Stands and Classic Canopies are also the most-affordable of our cabinetry and the classic style matches any decor.

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Our Elegance style cabinetry offers a modern, high-end look without the high-end price. The design is beautiful and contemporary. It is a close second to our Classic style.

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The Heritage offers a nice upgrade to those looking for an upgrade from the Classic. Heritage cabinetry offers a traditional, timeless design. With upgraded oak trim and raised-panel doors, it adds an extra touch of style and craftsmanship to the design.

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The Vintage is our top-of-the-line cabinetry. It features gorgeous crown molding and millwork. Together with its beautiful inset doors and 36" standard height, the Vintage-style cabinetry makes a bold, and impressive, statement in any home.

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A lower price shouldn’t mean a sacrifice in quality.

OceanVue Stands are made in the USA in the same woodshop as our other styles of cabinetry. Stand dimensions and materials are optimized to offer you the best combination of value and performance. Built at either a 13” or 18” depth and 30” height, our versatile OceanVue cabinets are made to accommodate aquariums from other manufacturers as well. The birch construction offers a superior, more durable, option to cabinets from other brands.

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We have a full woodworking shop IN HOUSE! All stands and canopies are hand-made here in Texas from start to finish. Our automotive-grade fully-enclosed spray booth allows us to get the gorgeous flawless finish on your beautiful furniture-grade stand and canopy. 

Stands are available in 32” or 36” heights, in 8 different finishes/colors and in 6 different styles (Classic, Elegance, Heritage, Vintage, Crystaline and the OceanVue).

Canopies are available in 8” or 12” heights, 8 different finishes/colors and in 3 different styles (standard top lift, front lift & roll top).

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