The CRYSTALINE (72" & 96")

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  • Made in the USA!

  • Rimless, beveled edge glass aquarium w/ crystal-clear, low-iron front panel.

  • Elegant modern SOLID WOOD maple cabinet

  • 72" & 96" models feature upgraded 1" PVC bottom panels

  • Upgraded Trigger Systems* or Tideline Sumps** (*Reef Kit, **Premium Reef Kit)

  • Nine different finish/color options available:

    • White, Grey, Black, Natural, Medium Oak, Mocha, Traditional Mahogany, Spanish Oak, unfinished

  • Pre-Built and Pre-Painted/Stained Stands (no assembly required)

  • Easy-to-set-up aquarium includes essential components

  • Available in Freshwater, Reef & Premium Reef Kits

  • Freshwater kit includes tank (choice of black or frosted white background) and solid-wood stand

  • Reef Kit includes tank (black background), internal overflow box, Trigger Systems Sump w/ 4” filter socks, plumbing kit and solid-wood stand.

  • Premium Reef Kit includes tank (black background), ultra-slim external overflow box, upgraded Planet Aquarium Sump w/ larger volume & 7” filter socks, plumbing kit and sold-wood stand.


*+/- 1/4" for production variances

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