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The new Tideline Crystal Aquarium Packages have just arrived! These are very well-priced and offer many advantages over the competition!

The stands are made here in the USA. They come fully-assembled; saving you a ton of time and headache. You also won't have to worry about the liability of incorrectly-assembled stands. They are available in 8 different color/stain options (including unfinished so you can apply your own custom color/stain).

Top-of-the-line is our Crystal Premium Reef package. These aquariums feature external ultra-slim overflow boxes that offer you that super-clean look and a ton more space inside the aquariums. The Premium Reef packages also include spacious glass sumps that with adjustable refugium and adjustable protein skimmer chambers.

Your customers will also love our Crystal Reef Packages. These feature traditional internal overflow boxes in addition to the the same great cabinetry options and versatile glass sumps. One big advantage of the Crystal Reef packages is the plumbing. We use US-sized plumbing parts, NOT metric! You can easily change out the plumbing parts or modify/customize the plumbing with regular parts from any hardware store.

We LOVE freshwater tanks too! Our Tideline Crystal Freshwater packages will look amazing in any home!

Check out the DFW Aquarium Supply website for the all the pricing, details and options.