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Tideline Refugium Sumps are made for hobbyists and professionals that demand the best! They are custom-built for us by Trigger Systems in the USA and include all the features that reefers want. Click HERE for pricing and additional information.


  • Made in the USA!

  • Large 7" filter socks for extended service life

  • Lid over filter sock chamber to prevent splashing

  • Adjustable water height

  • Dual platforms for filtration w/ self-adjusting foam block platform

  • Large protein skimmer and refugium chambers

  • Built-in Probe holder and dosing tube holders

  • 3 drains to accommodate different overflow configurations (4 drains for 72" model)


Overflow boxes

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Tideline Ultra-Slim Overflow boxes are sleek and elegant! Made of high-quality acrylic, the overflow box is durable and looks great! The ultra slim internal overflow box blends seamlessly in to your aquarium background. The connected external overflow box accommodates three drains* that allows you to either utilize a quiet Bean Animal Overflow Drain or any style drain of your choice. *bulkheads & plumbing sold separately

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  • Full acrylic construction

  • Removable internal weir

  • Quiet and versatile plumbing options

  • Connecting 1.5” bulkheads included


  • Max. Flow Rate: 20" Overflow - 2500 GPH, 16" Overflow - 1500 GPH, 10" Overflow - 1000GPH

  • Drain Size: 20" Overflow - 3 x 1.5" Slip, 16" Overflow - 3 x 1" Slip, 10" Overflow - 2 x 1" Slip

Filter pads


Tideline Filter Pads are a super-easy  and effective way to keep your aquarium clean and crystal clear!

6 different types of filter pads are available to fit the specific needs of your aquarium. The large 10" x 18" pad can be easily cut to size to fit any hang-on filter, canister filter, wet-dry filter or pond filter.

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RO/DI Systems

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Tideline RO/DI Systems are made here in the USA!

Tideline RO/DI Systems are designed to suit the needs of beginner, intermediate and advanced aquarium hobbyists.  With a water production rate of 100GPD (gallon per day), the Tideline RO/DI systems can produce enough water for even the largest of home aquarium systems.


- Hand made in the USA
- Quick Connect Fittings
- Heavy Duty Mounting Bracket
- Garden Hose Adapter Included
- Filter Wrench for Easy Filter Changes
- 6-ft Each of Supply/Drain/Product Tube
- One-Year Limited Warranty

Store-use bulk media

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Tideline Bulk media are perfect for stores. From filter pads to activated carbon to biological media. We offer all the day-to-day products you need for your store!

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